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Current Weather Conditions at Lester, IA

Extended Ag Services, Inc was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing research based agronomy and consulting services to livestock and crop producers in the Upper Midwest. We bring together over 20 years of combined experience in production agriculture, including livestock production and conservation planning.

Extended Ag Services, Inc brings a unique blend of research knowledge, first hand experience and common sense to each Project. Our employees have backgrounds ranging from University Extension, crop and livestock farming, land management, G.I.S., geography and landscape design

Extended Ag Services Inc.

voice: 507.662.5005

Extended Ag Services, Inc has two offices, one located in Lakefield, MN and the other in Lester, IA. Stop by and see us, give us a call or drop us an email.
We provide a full range of individual or packaged agronomy services including: Intensive Grid Sampling, Zone Soil Sampling, Scouting...
Extended Ag Services, Inc specializes in assisting you through the permitting process until your Project is complete; working with the engineer to design the system you want that will meet state and local regulations.
Risk Management
Extended Ag Services, Inc can also help producers manage the risk associated with production agriculture.
Extended Ag Services, Inc.