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We provide a full range of individual or packaged agronomy services including: Intensive Grid Sampling, Zone Soil Sampling, Scouting, Variety Selection, Fertility and Chemical Recommendations, Variable Rate Prescriptions, Nutrient and Manure Management. Our staff can assist you in putting together the information for your operation into a geo-referenced crop management plan, complete with maps to make decision making easy and compliance with DNR, MPCA and EPA requirements simple. Our recommendations are based on solid, research backed data that will help you to achieve your top yield goals without sacrificing profitability. We are conservative in our fertility philosophy, but we will never limit yield potential. Our perspective is that if we give you the advice and information you need, you will make the decision that best fits your operation.

Includes Crop Management Planning on all Fields

  • Soil Sampling by Soil Type, and Zones from 2.2 ac – 40 ac
  • Regular Field Scouting
  • Fertilizer Recommendations
  • Chemical Recommendations
  • Variety Recommendations w/. Exclusive Independent Field Trial Reports
  • Subscription to Extended Ag Services, Inc Newsletter
  • Digital Record-keeping of Scouting, Sampling & Production
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Extended Ag Services, Inc.