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Extended Ag Services, Inc specializes in assisting you through the permitting process until your Project is complete; working with the engineer to design the system you want that will meet state and local regulations. We offer a record-keeping system to ensure continuing compliance is achieved with these regulations. This system includes manure testing, manure application recommendations, and manure record-keeping. We are nationally certified by NRCS for Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans and for Land Treatment, Nutrient & Pest Management in Minnesota and Iowa. We are certified to complete on-farm assessments through the Livestock Environmental Quality Assurance (LEQA) Program and have extensive experience with State grant programs, USDA low interest Ag loans and completing Environmental Assessment Worksheets in Minnesota. Extended Ag Services, Inc is a listed grant writer with the USDA Rural Development Committee to assist with renewable energy & energy efficient grants & loans and we assist with Livestock Water Quality Facilities Loan Program with the Iowa Agricultural Development Authority. We pride ourselves in being a valuable resource to our customers and their communities.

  • Federal, State & Local Permitting Services
  • Technical Service Providers for NRCS/EQIP
  • Grant writing for USDA Rural Development Committee
  • Certified under Livestock Environmental Quality Assurance (LEQA)
  • Manure & Nutrient Management Plans & Record-keeping
  • Manure Testing
  • Feedlot Consultation and On-site Reviews
We rely on a combination of past experience, technical know-how and common sense. In 2008, we are introducing a new feature to our livestock services, a web-based record-keeping system with on-farm weather stations. This is a streamlined system that can automatically record on-site daily rainfall data, temperature, wind speed and direction during all manure and wastewater applications, as required by state and federal regulations.  This information is downloaded directly into your Web-based records and takes the worry out of daily weather-related entries.This will help large and small feedlots manage the information they need for maintaining environmental compliance. 
Extended Ag Services, Inc.